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Hello, I’m Annette –

your Imperial Feng Shui consultant on Mallorca.


I love this island and the energy of the fascinating and beautiful nature.


Are you also enchanted by the “Island of Light” and have a place to live or work here? 

Then allow yourself a personal Feng Shui consultation and get the right flow into your private and business rooms so that they perfectly suit you!


Let the powerful Mediterranean energy not stop in front of your door!


Who are you?

 You as a private person

Your own rooms are important to you. When you come home and open your door, you want to take a deep breath and immediately feel the relaxation that your home gives you.

You as a business person

You run your business with a lot of enthusiasm. Sustainable success and satisfied employees and customers are important to you.

At what kind of consultation do we get to know each other?

Online consultations are also possible.

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This is what my clients say

“The consultation was intensive, comprehensive and elaborated down to the last detail. Nothing was left to chance, and the discussion following the presentation of the results was very professional. For someone who feels at home in the real estate business like me, this consultation was an exciting and very meaningful enrichment. I would wish for more of that, a decision for a real estate should be accompanied by such a consultation. Thank you very much for that!”
(Thomas M.)

Do you also want a feel-good oasis on Mallorca?
Then we should get to know each other!


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