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Interview with Annette

What interests me first: How did you become an “Imperial Feng Shui Consultant”? That sounds a bit “special”…

Yes, you’re right. The title, if I may describe it as such, may well sound a little “off the beaten track” to one or the other. But I would like to express consciously that I completed this special training, behind which a deep knowledge of the classical Feng Shui teachings lies. And you can be proud to call yourself an Imperial Feng Shui consultant.

I studied at the International Feng Shui Academy (Frankfurt and Hamburg) with Master Nicole Finkeldei and Master Mark Sakautzky. After the final examination of the first training cycle, which lasted one year, I was already very well qualified as a consultant, but I still wanted to get deeper into the matter. This is typical for me, because I always want to be able to understand and apply the big picture. Therefore I completed further training in the following years in the areas of Imperial Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology (Imperial BaZi), Date Selection and Yuen Hom Hexagram Training.

How and when did you first come into contact with Feng Shui?

In fact, many years before my Feng Shui training. Whereby I wasn’t aware at that time that my experiences or insights had to do with this harmony theory.

Again and again I asked myself why I was doing well in one environment and why I felt empty and tense in another. I could not explain it to myself at all. By environment I mean not only the rooms, but also people or situations.

When a book about Feng Shui fell into my hands around 1995 and I read it, I began to recognize or – let’s say – anticipate the connections between space and people.

Your eyes glow when you talk about Feng Shui. Why is that?

My eyes are glowing? So be it, for shining eyes show that one speaks of a heart-driven theme. Something you are enthusiastic about.

And, yes, I am fascinated by the connections between space and man, by how much we interact with our surroundings.

Since I know more about what our spaces do to us (or what we can make of them so that we blossom in them), it fills me with Feng Shui consultations. I just want to do something to make everyone feel comfortable in their environment.

Who is your consultation addressed to?

Strictly speaking, to anyone who wants to do something good for himself or herself and wants to have his or her environment in such a way that he or she feels completely comfortable. At home and at work.

Of course, the consultation is primarily aimed at people who are open to this other view and analysis of their rooms. Feng Shui cannot be “grasped” directly. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: Good Feng Shui cannot be seen, it can be felt.

Here I would like to add: Feng Shui is a science that has been developed and applied for thousands of years. The methods in classical Feng Shui, which are used by well-trained consultants, are very analytical, explainable and comprehensible. But even if Feng Shui is used worldwide – by the way, large DAX companies also make use of consulting services – there are still critical voices. They push Feng Shui into the esoteric corner and think that it is a kind of “Chinese furniture moving”. I tend not to address these people.

What are typical occasions or topics with which your clients come to you?

Many do indeed have concrete topics with which to get into the consultation. Typical occasions for private counselling are e.g. relationship problems, job, health or finances. Others simply have the feeling that “something is wrong”. Or they feel that something has changed, e.g. after moving house. A diffuse feeling that cannot be explained. Mostly these people have heard or read about Feng Shui, but often have not had their own experiences.

Entrepreneurs are more concerned with creating a positive working environment so that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys coming to work. Sometimes, however, there are also current events in the corporate context, such as falling sales figures or a noticeable deterioration in the company climate.

Then there are also entrepreneurs or private individuals who want to move or build new premises. They have a concrete wish that their new premises should fit them perfectly and ask me for support in selecting or planning a new building.

Can I also seek advice if I have no specific reason to do so?

Of course. Because Feng Shui is not only there to solve possible problems, but it is primarily about creating an environment that supports everyone in their vitality and performance. Feel-good oasis at home and power place office – I’m just saying!

Therefore it should be a goal for everyone to get the best out of their rooms so that they, their family or their employees go well.


What exactly do I get from a Feng Shui consultation, and what results will I see?

You want to know what you get when I consult to you?
Well, then I would like to try to summarize the most important things here. The list is very long; we could talk about it in detail.

In principle, it is the same benefit for everyone, namely an environment in which one likes to be, in which one can recharge one’s batteries, in which one can work well, and so on.

When we talk about consulting in the business sector, we get the following results, for example, which all please the boss:

By designing the outdoor area – especially the entrance area – we generate positive attention, which leads to more prestige and turnover for the company. This in turn secures jobs. Employees feel more comfortable in beautiful offices, and they are less often absent because they enjoy coming to work. We know that where the motivation is right, it is easier to work. If the energy flows well in the individual rooms or departments, this not only creates a better climate, but also improves the ability to work in a team. And, very importantly, if the boss sits in the right room, he will manage his company strategically well and powerfully. So he gets a great command center.

If an entrepreneur has identified concrete problems in the run-up to the consultation, e.g. that employees call in sick more and more frequently, then I will of course take a close look during the consultation to see whether and how the cause can be rectified.

This can be applied in a similar way to consultations for private individuals. Here I would like to mention that the life topics which my customers describe to me are very often reflected in the environment. If, for example, there is a crisis in the partnership, it usually becomes apparent in an – let’s say – imbalance in precisely those areas of the home that are relevant to the relationship. If we re-establish the balance or, to put it more simply, “work on” the space that blocks the partnership, then the two of them find each other better again.

Or, as another example, someone is massively under current, does not come to rest, perhaps also has corresponding health symptoms, then it is quite possible that he has far too much activating energy around him. And there is too little reassuring balance. In such a case I also look very closely at the personal constellations in the Chinese horoscope. Because humans and space are in interaction, and a pleasant surrounding field must be aligned always with humans. Then I can specifically recommend something that will “ground” my clients in a figurative sense.

Could I make it a little clearer what results a Feng Shui consultation can lead to?

There are more and more Feng Shui consultants on the market. What distinguishes you from the others?

Oh yes, there are now many consultants with different training or focus. On the one hand every potty finds its lid, on the other hand the variety on the market reflects the growing interest in Feng Shui and the demand for consulting services.

I am a member of the Association for Feng Shui and Geomancy, which only accepts consultants who have completed a recognized training. I have also been certified by various exams. A certificate may only be a piece of paper for others, but for me it is more than that. On the one hand it is of course a clear qualification feature, on the other hand it also fills me with pride. The Imperial Feng Shui that I practice is something that only a few German consultants have mastered. That makes it something very special.
But I don’t want to express at all that other classically trained consultants consult their clients less well. However, I would personally avoid those who offer New Age Feng Shui, which no longer has much in common with the classical background. Unfortunately, there are also some so-called consultants on the market who have received no or little qualified training. The classical Feng Shui is not mastered by them.

What clearly distinguishes me from others are my very personal experiences with rooms, both privately and professionally. I myself have experienced several times what it is like to live or work in the wrong rooms. How much it consumes your powers when you try to balance out existing disharmonies. The deceptive thing about these situations is that you don’t associate this feeling of being tired, illness or recurring problems with the rooms at first. So I know how it all feels. And I have also experienced how quickly the feeling of well-being can rise again when everything is flowing properly again.

I am, so to speak, the living example that the Feng Shui teaching works.

Who do you prefer to work with?

I prefer to consult people who have the same values as me: respect and esteem in dealing with each other, trust and openness.

I also reserve the right not to accept a consultation if I feel that the chemistry is not right. This can only be of mutual interest and is therefore an honest approach, isn’t it?

For whom is your service not suitable?

It is not suitable for people who expect incense sticks, crystals or money frogs at the consultation, because they do not get all this from me. And my advice is also not suitable for those who are permanently sceptical about everything. People who have massive psychological problems and hope to be able to solve them with my services are also not at the right address.

Is Feng Shui a cure?

A Feng Shui consultation can change many things to the positive and bring things to flow. But Feng Shui is not a remedy and does not replace a doctor.

How does a consultation with you usually work?

Usually there is the following basic procedure:

During an initial meeting with the client on site, we clarify in detail the situation, the wishes and goals. Then I walk around with my eyes open and take a close look at the surroundings and the rooms. I take various measurements with my Lo Pan (which is a Chinese compass, by the way), and examine in particular whether the energy can flow freely or whether there are blockages. This takes about 3 hours, depending on the size of the object it may take longer.

Before this date I need the floor plans of house, flat, buildings and property. And the birth dates of the residents or employees. Usually my clients send me these data by email.

Then I go back to my desk. There I take the available information, measurements and birth dates and create an overall profile so that I get a whole picture. This is then the basis for the concept. My client’s wishes and goals should of course be reflected in it. Due to the complex methods, all of this is quite time-consuming and therefore takes some time.

During the final meeting, I then go through the recommendations together with the client and hand over the documentation to read all the recommendations. Whenever possible, the first small change is implemented immediately. This could be moving the desk, exchanging pictures on the wall or something similar, which can be done right on the spot. That pushes the client once again, by the way….

And as already mentioned: Often even small changes are enough, which lead to a different feeling. For example, that you suddenly feel more relaxed, get a new favourite place or something like that.

Sometimes the contents of the consultations differ from each other, because there are also consultations in which a horoscope analysis is added, the search for a suitable date for a project, a workshop or something else. However, the basic procedure is always the same as described above.

What happens after the consultation? Will I experience a change immediately?

That’s different. Some customers quickly feel a change. For others, the things that are set in motion take time. The process is individual, and you can’t give a concrete time. Much also depends on the customer’s willingness to approach any existing issues openly and to contribute to change. If the person blocks, the energy flow in the room cannot unfold its full power. The human being must “be willing”.

That concerns naturally only the cases, where a change is to be set or has to be set in motion, because there were problems. Others simply feel better or more comfortable. Exactly that is the goal.

What contribution should I make to a consultation?

As already mentioned, you should bring openness, remain authentic and be willing to contribute to change, if there is reason to do so.

Is a consultation actually expensive and will it be profitable?

At this point I would like to ask you to pause for a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

What is your well-being worth to you? And how much are you willing to invest in your health, stability, satisfaction, performance, or in that of your employees?

So is a consultation expensive? In principle not, if you see in proportion what these positive effects can achieve. A consultation, however, is very VALUE-able. Challenges that previously burdened you can be reduced or eliminated. Or please consider what it will do if you or your business do better because your potential has increased. And that’s often impossible to measure with money. Often the costs are relativized very quickly.

A consultation is above all an investment in oneself or in the company. That pays off in any case.

Who could I talk to if I wanted to know something about your work? Are there any references?

Of course, and I expressly ask you to read the testimonials of my clients. You can read some of the references on my website. If my client agrees, I will gladly provide you with contact details in case you would like to know more details first hand.

I would like to “get a taste” of the topic Feng Shui. Is that possible?

I have an offer in my program where the consultation refers to only one room. This could be an office, a bedroom or a kids’ room. Usually the favourite room is chosen or the room that plays a central role.

This consultation focuses on the optimal use and design of the room. An office, for example, should promote good and creative work, a bedroom should promote restful sleep and “refueling” for everyday life, a kids’ room the development of the child. This package is perfect if you first want to get a feeling for a Feng Shui consultation without including all the rooms.

But, and this is important to know, a one-room consultation also has its limits. Because actually you have to look at the whole floor plan or the whole environment if you want to make a detailed statement, because all rooms are energetically connected with each other. Therefore not all possibilities of Feng Shui can be exhausted with a one-room consultation. Nevertheless, this one room or the user will already benefit a lot from the consultation.

And if I have any more questions, how can I clarify them with you?

If you are interested in a consultation, please contact me. We will then make an appointment for a personal conversation on the phone or via Skype. This meeting is free of charge for you. We will find out whether my service is the right one for you, whether the chemistry between us is right, and we will clarify your initial questions. I will then send you further information on my consulting services by e-mail. Then you can decide.

I would like to book a consultation with you. What happens now?

Great, you made a good decision for yourself! And I am very much looking forward to working with you and supporting you.

As a first step we will make an appointment for a meeting at your location. We will then talk in detail about your consulting concern, possible topics and your goals and wishes. And then it goes to my desk until we sit down again for the final meeting.

What my clients say about me

“For people who need clear structures and who are willing to open themselves up to new paths without giving up on themselves, a very constructive consultation with heart-warming empathy is guaranteed.”
(Ramona R.)