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You as a private person

Who are you?

Your own rooms are important to you. When you come home and open your door, you want to take a deep breath and immediately feel the relaxation that your home gives you. The world out there is turbulent, the working world is. You want to leave hecticness and urgency at the door. In your “inner world” you let only family, friends, people who do you good and above all inner joy.

The atmosphere in your home should give you strength, because you want to be able to recharge your batteries there. You wish to live together in the family or with your relationship partner in harmony. Stimulating discussions are welcome to enliven the togetherness, but arguments should please stop in front of the entrance door. You and your family and friends want to feel good. Your children should be allowed to grow up and develop carefree, and the children’s rooms should guarantee exactly that.

A restful sleep is the foundation for being able to cope with everyday life in a balanced way. That’s why your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. There you really want to be able to let go and fall asleep relaxed. On the other hand, your home office is full of energy, especially if you earn your living there.

Your home should be your oasis of well-being!

What are your challenges?

Are you about to move? Or are you planning a new building? Great, then you might see the new rooms right in front of your inner eye. And you want to make sure that your new home suits you well and strengthens you.

Maybe you are at a point in your existing home where you can’t get any further or can’t explain why something has changed in your environment.

Perhaps you experience that

  • you don’t really “arrive” in your home.

  • you sleep badly and are tired, maybe even sick more often

  • you feel powerless and exhausted

  • you’re overreacting and not “coming down” anymore.

  • tensions or quarrels often arise at home

  • your partnership is going through a crisis

  • your children are unfocused or restless

  • your finances flow away faster than they came in.

  • the diffuse feeling that “something’s wrong” increases.

Do you recognize yourself at one point or another?

Then you need someone now…

  • who looks from a different perspective at the outer and inner environment in which you live or would like to live in the future.

  • who supports you in creating a spatial environment that supports you and your loved ones in strength, creativity, motivation and health in the best possible way.

  • who tracks down visible or invisible obstacles, so that you can fully come into your power and energy loss is yesterday’s topic.


So that you can get your full potential in your rooms!

What’s in it for you?

After the consultation my previous clients report that

  • their well-being improves significantly

  • they feel refreshed and rested

  • the interaction in family and relationship is more harmonious

  • recurring professional or financial life issues stabilise

  • they are really looking forward to coming home.


I offer you a personal consultation full of appreciation, respect, high commitment, trust, openness and cooperation at eye level.

This is what my clients say

“Very nice and professional consultation in which all family members were involved. Very detailed planning, elaboration and evaluation. The summary serves as a very nice reference book also for the future. Most of the suggestions were implemented, and we feel very comfortable in the new home. Can highly recommend it. Many thanks for that!”
(Claudio P.)