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Chinese Horoscope

Which topics shape your life?
What “weather conditions” are you facing?
We’ll find out!

Your horoscope will give you another perspective!


What is the Chinese horocope?

Just like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Feng Shui, the Chinese horoscope “BaZi Suanming” is based on the theories of Yin and Yang and the five elements (also known as the five phases of transformation).

The interaction of the individual elements in the horoscope chart gives a picture of how the most important life themes are designed for us and what particularly shapes us. If one of the five elements in the horoscope is not laid out at all, this can explain why the area of life concerned is afflicted with difficulties in life despite untiring commitment, while in others everything seems to run effortlessly.



Our dispositions can be strengthened or weakened by temporal influences. This explains why in some times we walk light-footedly through life, accompanied only by a gentle breeze, and why stormy winds blow against us in other times. The basic assumption is that we can actively influence our “destiny” if we decide and act skilfully within our own strengths and potentials. BaZi provides us in a way with a weather report that shows us which is the best clothing for the upcoming weather.

Do you want to know what’s good for you and what’s less good for you? Do you spin in circles with one or the other life theme? Then it’s worth taking a look at your personal horoscope chart to see your potential.


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That’s what my clients say

I am very impressed by the content of the Chinese horoscope, because it matches my own character traits, which are perceived by me, amazingly well. Through Annette Höse’s detailed analysis, I became aware of this once again. In a telephone call I had the possibility to ask questions, which were answered in detail and comprehensibly. Here, too, I had the opportunity to discuss some aspects of how to shape my future life. I am now able to think about which of my qualities can inspire me in my daily life and which might stand in the way of a positive development. It has become clearer to me which causes can be decisive for my current situation, which in my eyes has always been just “such a feeling”.

Annette’s evaluation has taken me a long way, thank you very much once again for that.

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Gerd R.