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Date Selection

Choose the right time for important projects so that the chances of a successful result improve!

Everything in life has its time!


What is date selection about?


The temporal component in Feng Shui is of outstanding importance. Also personal plans are better or worse carried by temporal aspects.

On some days there is “tension in the air”. We feel this, but cannot explain why. Other days seem to be characterized by harmony and lightness.

Just as a sunny spring morning has a different quality for us than a cold winter evening, every single day (every single unit of time) has a different energetic quality.

So put important dates on the right day! William Shakespeare already knew: “Every thing has its time”.

You are planning:

  • a wedding?
  • a business opening?
  • the purchase of a property?
  • the start of construction or laying of the foundation stone?
  • the conclusion of a contract?
  • an important discussion?
  • a new start of any kind?
  • an examination?
  • another important project?

My consulting service

Date Selection

I determine the best possible day incl. time for you and the intended occasion.
The date selection is based on your birth date.

Your investment:

140 €