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Healing Homes

In your living rooms you and your well-being are the focus of attention. Because only when you are balanced and rested you do have the necessary energy to cope with everyday life.

Get the right “flow” into your home!

My consulting services


Choose from a wide range of consulting services to suit your needs.


You want an inspiring environment that supports you energetically in the best possible way. Maybe you are sleeping badly, or there are tensions again and again. You may also not be able to concentrate well. You are open for a Feng Shui consultation, but would like to optimize first only one, perhaps your favorite room, without taking up directly a complete consultation for all rooms. Then the package “Starter” for a one-room consultation is perfectly suitable for you, which can be used for example for a bedroom, a kid’s room or an office.

  • We make the energy in your room flow properly.
  • You will receive a proposal for an optimal design, equipment and use of the room.
  • I will calculate the best sitting or viewing direction or bed position for you and determine which elements support you in this room. 
  • You will find out which shapes, colours and materials you can use to harmonize your room energetically.
  • If given, we talk about situation-oriented measures for e.g. partnership, career, health.

Your investment:

249 €

(can also be booked as online consultation)


You want to create an energetically good foundation for your entire living space. And you attach importance to the fact that the basic and elementary methods of a classical Feng Shui consultation are used.

If you want to get a first, but still good overview of the approaches and effects of the harmony theory, you are well advised with the package “Fundamentals”.

  • Harmonization and optimization of energy flow
  • Design recommendations for exterior and interior use
  • Environmental analysis
  • Floor plan analysis
  • Creation of an “energy map” for your interiors and suggestions for the use or equipment of the rooms
  • Calculation of favorable orientations and determination of your supporting elements
  • Harmonization by means of shapes, colours, materials
  • Situation-oriented measures for e.g. partnership, career, health, etc.
  • Brief Documentation

Your investment:

from 545 € (flat/apartment) / from 795 € (house)

Classic (the bestseller)

If you are one of those people who value a very comprehensive and at the same time highly individual consultation in which all possibilities of Imperial Feng Shui are exhausted, the “Classic” package is the right choice for you.

Here you will also find out where the best rooms are for the individual functions (bedroom, kid’s room, living room, office) and receive a corresponding room concept. We determine from your personal Chinese horoscope which elements support you well and which are your personally good sitting and viewing directions. Special attention is also paid to the design aspects for the exterior and interior. 

You would like to take the opportunity to bring as much positive energy as possible into your apartment or house and create an environment that supports and strengthens you in all areas of life. Therefore it is also important for you to know whether or not your entrance door is in the right place and how you can support your vitality, e.g. by placing water or stones. Therefore I determine the energetically optimal acupuncture points for you for the placement of your personal Yin and Yang assistants.

  • Consulting contents “Fundamentals” +
  • Suggestions for the design of outdoor and entrance areas
  • Proposal for a room concept
  • Determination of optimal access paths and acupuncture points for the placement of assistants
  • Calculation of favorable sitting and viewing directions and determination of your supporting elements from Chinese horoscope
  • Calibration of your desk
  • Proposals for furnishing and decoration
  • Extensive documentation
  • 4 h personal support or cooperation with an architect or interior designer

Your investment:

from 1.195 € (flat/apartment) / from 1.450 € (house)


You leave nothing “to chance” and belong to those people who want to create an environment from the outset that supports them and their family members energetically in the best possible way.

Perhaps you are planning new premises – wonderful! All the more important is a Feng Shui consultation for you. It is best to get advice as early as possible and to be accompanied during the purchase process, e.g. before buying a property or house as well as during the construction phase. The results can help you with the choice of location and property as well as with the purchase decision.

Through the analysis of your Chinese horoscope you will learn more about your personal potential and what possibilities your current phase of life offers you.

It is important to you that you start the upcoming real estate purchase, the start of construction, an important contract signing or a similar project, which is of great importance for you personally, at the right time. I will find the right date for you. Because: Everything in life has its time.

If you also attach importance to intensive implementation support or my cooperation with your architect or interior designer, then this consulting package is the right choice for you.

  • Consulting contents “Classic” +
  • Elaboration of an optimal floor plan together with your architect
  • Analysis and interpretation of Chinese horoscope
  • Date selection
  • Personal implementation support, also with your interior designer

Your investment: 

from 2.950 € (depending on the scope of the project)

That’s what my clients say

“The consultation was intensive, comprehensive and elaborated down to the last detail. Nothing was left to chance, and the discussion following the presentation of the results was very professional. For someone who feels at home in the real estate business like me, this consultation was an exciting and very meaningful enrichment. I would wish for more of that, a decision for a real estate should be accompanied by such a consultation. Thank you very much for that!”

Thomas M.

“Finally arrived….
Before the consultation by Mrs. Höse I simply did not find peace in my home. When I came home from work, I always had the feeling I had to do something and ran from A to B to C. Sit down, breathe deeply and just “be”, that wasn’t possible at all. I drank my coffee standing in the kitchen. From the dining table I quickly got up again as soon as the plate was empty. Only in the bathroom did I like to stay longer.
The consultation made it clear to me that my home reflected much of my external life. Frau Höse empathetically “opened my eyes” and showed me what I could do to bring more peace into my home. I have already implemented most of your valuable tips and now actually experience a completely different pleasant atmosphere here with me. I have become much more balanced and calm. Also my friends have already spoken to me about it. I am so grateful for this advice and can recommend it from the bottom of my heart.”

Doris P.