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Feng Shui – more than just beautiful living and working

Feng Shui describes the Chinese science of finding a suitable place or designing it accordingly. A place “with good Feng Shui” is a place where the different life energies are present in a balanced relationship to each other. In such a place we feel comfortable.

What characterizes us and our society today is acceleration and the quest for ever greater efficiency.

It is therefore all the more important that we feel comfortable in our private rooms, but also in the workplace.

This applies to every place on earth.


Why balance is so important

One of the basic principles of Feng Shui is that the human being resonates with his inner and outer environment. If your environment is in balance and has a good Feng Shui, it supports and strengthens you and helps you and the people near you to more vitality.

However, the energetic balance in our rooms is often disturbed, which can have a negative effect on one’s own well-being, health, but also on one’s “success” and can lead to consequences in the environment.

If our rooms lack the necessary balance, we unconsciously use our energy to balance the existing disharmonies. This “feat of strength” often results in us feeling exhausted and lacking drive in our everyday lives.

Imagine Feng Shui like acupuncture in space: Good areas are further stimulated, surplus or unfavourable energies are diverted.

Feng Shui harmonizes and strengthens. Both. But above all the latter. Because Feng Shui is not only there to solve possible problems, but it is primarily about creating an environment that supports everyone in their vitality and performance. Feel-good oasis at home and power place office!

Good Feng Shui means balance and stability.


What my clients say about me

Doris P.

“Finally arrived….
Before Mrs. Höse gave me advice, I simply couldn’t find peace in my home. When I came home from work, I always had the feeling I had to do something and ran from A to B to C. Sit down, take a deep breath and just “be”, that wasn’t possible. I drank my coffee standing in the kitchen. From the dining table I quickly got up again as soon as the plate was empty. Only in the bathroom did I like to stay longer.
The consultation made it clear to me that my home reflected much of my external life. Frau Höse empathetically “opened my eyes” and showed me what I could do to bring more peace into my home. I have already implemented most of your valuable tips and now actually experience a completely different pleasant atmosphere here with me. I have become much more balanced and calm. Also my friends have already spoken to me about it. I am so grateful for this advice and can recommend it from the bottom of my heart”.

Ramona R.

“For people who need clear structures and who are willing to open themselves up to new paths without giving up on themselves, a very constructive consultation with heart-warming empathy is guaranteed”.

Margit H.

“Mrs. Höse is a very nice, friendly and empathetic consultant with great professional competence, whom I can recommend 100 %. After moving house, which Mrs Höse urgently advised me to do, I feel much better. My energy has returned and my professional situation has also finally turned to the good. I finally feel completely at ease again with her! I can only recommend it to everyone to have such a consultation carried out. Thank you very much!”